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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Clams? Yes, but it is work

Low tide was scheduled for 10:30 am.  We were on the beach on 9:30—along with many others
P7310026 It is a big beach and there was plenty of room for everyone.  We managed to get about 30 clams.  It took a while to develop a technique.  First, we looked for a little indention in the sand—a little air hole.  We shoveled out sand, hopefully not hitting the clam and breaking it open.  (broken clams are very hard to remove all the sand).  After digging a shovel full, we dropped down on our knees and started digging with our hands.  This picture shows how deep Dan went down to get the clam by the hole.
We quit at 11:00.
P7310027I had Dan’s rain pants with sock feet boots.  Dan wore waders.  We were a mess top to bottom.  Thankfully, the sun was out all afternoon and dried everything out. 
Finished batch. 
Thanks to friends of Chips at the Soldotna campground and a very helpful camp host here at Niniletuk, we had a whole lot of fun.  Speaking of Chip, he and a friend showed up this morning.  They definitely found more than we did, but, hey, they had done it before.
Tomorrow, we are headed toward Seward.

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  1. You did great!! You are getting your own little Alaskan rat pack going up there. Fun!! Guess we can appreciate better the cost of the canned, or fresh, that we see in our supermarkets here. I'm sure the commercial bunch use a different way to harvest or we wouldn't be able to afford them at all. I've seen the long nets pulled up with them attached to them,,,or some kind of apparatus. Left you a facebook private message for a how to clean a fish video that is hysterical. I'd never heard of Jug fishing before,,it's a "Louzianna" method. lol Don't hurry home. We're melting down here. Enjoy your harvest!! csl