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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Said goodbye to Cindy this morning after finishing up the delicious breakfast casserole. I'll post the recipe later. She lives in a beautiful part of the country and is a gracious hostess.

I think we're stocked up for a few days. Set to cross the border into Canada in a half hour at the Hwy 93 crossing. The word is the mosquitoes are big and hungry where we are headed. Stopped in Whitefish for 40 percent Deet. Wouldn't you know we forgot our mosquito suits we bought for our last trip into Canada. Might have to have Kim send them General Delivery to Alaska. Will let you know, Kim.

Location:Winding Rd,Topeka,United States

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  1. Love it! Whitefish is beautiful. Will be curious to hear of the mosquito outcome.