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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Homer Wednesday, July 27

If I described our campsite on the spit last night, you would probably think it was a nice setting. It might have been, but it rained all evening and we had to stay inside. It was still drizzling this morning so we left to drive around the lower point of the peninsula. Definitely wet sand it not a friend of this small space.

Before I leave the topic of the spit, though, here is a picture I took this afternoon as we left town for our campground that shows how this narrow piece of land called a “spit” goes out into the inlet.
What a beautiful drive around the point of the Kenai peninsula. We took several side roads. It was on one of the remote backroads that we came across this cemetery. We thought it might have been Russian because of names we saw in the area.  Perhaps because of the sea salt, the crosses were all aluminum.
We noticed as we came through town earlier there was to be a farmer’s market from 3:00 until 6:00 pm. Since it was already 1:30, we decide to use the parking lot to eat lunch and wait until it opens. I fixed salmon for lunch—delicious.
I purchased a huge cabbage as well as rhubarb. I really don’t have room to store extra food, but it just looked so good.   They use hot houses and a “tunnel” which is a covering over the entire garden to make their growing season last longer. Here is an example.

 The cabbages!

We  decided earlier to camp at the Alaska State Park site at Anchor Point. So here we are. We had time to ride our bicycles on the beach before cooking half the cabbage.
The highlight of the day was the end. We haven’t had many opportunities for sunsets here in Alaska. So often a rain comes up at the end of the day. Tonight, however, there was a brilliant sunset. Even though it wasn’t of the actual sunset, I like this one the best.  You know how the sun sets, of course.  It slips down and then drops below the horizon.  The sun here doesn’t exactly drop, it slides sideways down. It should be noted here that it was 11:15pm when it finally fully disappeared.  It was twilight a while after that. This sunset was the longest one I’ve ever witnessed. Definitely a thrill and memory I’ll cherish. 

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  1. Linda....great pictures. I got your news clipping yesterday. Had to laugh at myself, because we've run into the same problems while kayaking. Always always always safely tie your gear or you may not have it in the morning.
    Looks like you're enjoying your Alaskan adventure.