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Friday, July 29, 2011

Homer back to Soldotna Thursday, July 28

Anchor Point was one of my favorite campgrounds so far.  It is an Alaska Wildlife and Parks maintained area.  Except for the city campground in Soldotna, we have stayed in State or National campgrounds.  We find them clean, well regulated and affordable.

Another interesting feature of Anchor Point was their ocean boat ramp.  They had huge tractors that had huge tires and would drive way out into the ocean with boat trailers to pick up boats.  I didn’t take a picture but worth a stop at the campground just to see it happen.

From Anchor Point, we took a scenic route back to Homer.  Here we discovered another Russian settlement.  This is a picture of their small Russian Orthodox church.

IMG_1588IMG_1590 It was a quiet little village with well kept gardens at each home.

Again at Homer, we visited the Alaska Islands & Ocean Visitor Center.  First, we viewed two movies, one about the Tiglax, a ship owned by the US Fish and Wildlife Service.  There are many species of birds and other wildlife the  Aleutian Islands that is constantly monitored.  Major predators of different species of birds and animals have both been introduced, fox and rats.

Fox as part of an effort in the late 1800s to ”fox farm.”  There was a great demand for fur at that time so pairs of fox were introduced on many of the islands.  These predators soon caused a major upset in the food chain.  Rats were introduced with ship wreaks. 

Thanks to constant monitoring, mainly through the use of the Tiglax and removal of many of the fox, the balance is being restored on the remote islands.

Afterward, we followed the advice of the docent at the museum and stopped by 2 Sisters Bakery.  The loaf of bread is delicious, as was the cookie Dan and I shared.

This evening we met a very kind and friendly lady named Elizabeth.  She found my phone on the beach and called to let me know she would meet us to give it back.  She would accept no payment for her time  and gas.  Once again we have found the local residents to be helpful, friendly and just good people.

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  1. Super to hear about your phone. Imagine that was a relief, altho a mess to unscramble, or whatever you do in these instances. Found pictures of the big tractor on the beach in Google earth, and of the Russian Church, and found websites for the nature center where you can take a virtual tour and even found a website for the Two Sister's Bakery, just clicking on their location in google earth. The bakery menu sure sounds great, and what cute guest rooms. Oh, I meant to mention, did you look into the Russian Cafe in Nikolaevsk? They have a website That sounds fun. I hadn't really thought about the Russian influence up there. You absolutely picked the right time to be gone,,,out of the heat, and depressing national budget news. Yeah, westerns on TCM tonight!! So is this where a flight might be in order? :)) csl