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Monday, August 1, 2011

Ninilchik Beach to Seward Beach August 1

We decided to try out the bakery down the way from our campsite this morning.

It turns out the "Loven' Oven" bakery is owned by the former postmaster of Ninilchik. We had to talk post office for a bit while she wrapped up a huge cinnamon roll and doughnut.

Our route to Seward takes up back through Soldotna then on by the Russian River. The silver salmon had arrived. "Combat" fishermen lined the shore. Often bears join fishermen in catching salmon here. We looked but, unfortunately, that picture did not happen.

We continue up, around and down the other side of the peninsula. It is a scenic drive with streams and low, green mountains. It mist-like rained all day and the low clouds topped most mountains with a beauty all of its own.

Seward is a quaint, little, sea side village. Or, at least it seems that way. No McDonalds or WalMart, just small little shops and restaurants. We spent the rest of the afternoon riding our bikes.
Benny Benson is the young man who designed the Alaska state flag.  There was a contest among the Alaska school children.  Benny won with his stars in the form of the big dipper and north star.  As an adult, he had a colorful personality and was well known among the native citizens.

We decided on a camp spot that is right beside the bike trail so we can hop on it and visit the Marine center tomorrow morning. The ocean is right out our other side. I am listening to the tide come in as I write.
(Truck is looking like it needs a wash job in this picture!)

There is a sea otter that lives in the small boat cove here. I made a video of him. YouTube hasn't finalized it yet. I'll post it in the morning. Meanwhile, here is a picture of a huge waterfall almost right in town.

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