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Monday, July 18, 2011

Teslin to Alaska! 449 miles July 17

Yes, we’re here.  Only about 30 miles in, but we crossed the border at 5:45 this afternoon. No pictures, but it was a good feeling.

We stopped in Whitehorse long enough  this morning to fuel up, buy a couple things and stop by McDonalds to post to the journal.  Then it was on to Haines Junction. 

The Alaska Highway was built in the early years of WWII as a way to get supplies to Alaska.  Since that time Canada has done an excellent job of improvement and maintenance, except from Haines Junction to Alaska.  Because 85 percent of the traffic in this section is from the U.S. our country entered into the Shakwak Agreement in 1977 to help bring the road up to the same condition as the rest of the highway.  They are still working on it.  We had delays, spots of gravel, really just slowed us down.  For once we were glad for the daily afternoon shower to cut down the dust. 

So, here we are at the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge with a beautiful view of the lake, camping for free.  We enjoyed visiting with the couple camped next to us, they are from Missouri.  We were sitting down by the water when Dan saw this beautiful sight.

I was thrilled to get a picture of this swan family. 


Tomorrow we’re going to pick up supplies and wash everything and then head to the Kenai Peninsula. 


  1. Wooohooo,,,you made it,,,almost. Have been trying to figure out how you are getting from where you are to the peninsula and finally decided to give up. Looks like allot of winding driving coming up. They keep changing the name of the Hwy in google with a name and number, so can get misleading. Madam Post Mistress, will we be going thru the North Pole by chance? How fun to run into someone from Mo. I'm trying to imagine my cousin and her husband driving their big motor home up there with a second one with friends. Gas Prices must have been lower when they did that one. They have a diesel rig now, but don't think they did then. Dying for some fishin' action!! At places, the woods along the roadway remind me of northern Maine,,,can't see out over it. At least here you have a mountain ahead. Have you seen much of the pretty fireweed? I've seen it in several google shots. More wolf pics showing up careful. Carol

  2. Wait a minute. Roughly 175 miles and they've been working on it for 33 years? hummmm csl