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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Update on the road

Clue to current location


Wyoming!  Way to early to stop for the night at Cheyenne so on to Casper.  I25 north follows the Larame Mountains and Medicine Bow National Forest and on through the North Platte River Valley.  It is majestic in its starkness with the high rock sided mesa formations.  Doesn’t it make you wonder what is on top of those?

I should say at this point that we often boondock, in other words camp cheap.  So, it was Walmart in Casper last night.  We weren’t alone—two toy haulers with Harley’s in back, two big motor homes and this classic rig.

IMG_1014We aren’t used to all that paved area, so we rode our bikes around like kids.

Through Wyoming and on into Montana today.  Looking at staying in a National Forest tonight.  Should be more scenic.

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