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Friday, July 29, 2011

Catch Up day and a decision

Part of the reason this day became a sort of catch up day is we couldn't make a decision. Here's our problem.

We were going to take off for destinations north, but thought maybe we would fish for salmon a while longer since we have three days left on our licenses. Then, we decided we should join half the state of Alaska on Sunday morning digging for clams. It is the low tide necessary then.

We've never dug for clams before. We're finding out there are many ways to do it as there are people digging. We didn't want to buy a clam shovel because we have no need in Kansas. We bought a spade. I think we'll move closer to the beach we want to dig on tomorrow. Of course I'll take a few pictures.

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  1. Great. I found that your fishing license covers you for clamming and I think I read you have a limit of 60, think that's per day. Also found a video showing how to clean them. I never thought about looking for How to clean a fish video. lol This came from an article Clam Digging on the Kenai Peninsula, telling where, when and how to dig at Should be an interesting adventure. :)) csl