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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tetlin Wildlife Refuge (near Tok) to Anchorage via the Glenn Hwy Monday July 18 387 miles

The trip must have caught up with us because we didn’t get up until 7:30 this morning.  Still, we were in Tok near enough to lunch to stop at the Caribou Restaurant for our first Alaska fish—halibut.  Definitely fresh and  delicious. 

We opted not to go the usual northern route to Fairbanks or Chicken because we heard from Chip that the salmon were starting their run down on the Kenai. The route from the Alaska Hwy to Anchorage is the Glen Hwy.

The Glen Highway is designated as a National Scenic Route.   It parallels the Mentasta and Wrangell mountain ranges.  The grand mountains are close with ranges beyond.   I tried but hardly could capture the majestic beauty.  Certainly Alaska earns its name as the last frontier.  There were two glaciers, one being the famous Mantanusta which heads in the Chugah Mountains and winds northward for 27 miles.  The average width is 2 miles and is four miles as its end.  There is a walking trail to the head, but at the time we were there, it was pouring rain.  My picture was not good either.  The picture I am adding is another glacier on the highway.  I think the cloudy mist gives the mountains the surreal feel that I felt when I saw them.  IMG_1292

There are many opportunities along this route for hikers and ATV trails.  Streams have trout and salmon runs.  We stopped at the Copper River but did not see any.  Hatcher Pass on the lower part of the route was part of the gold rush area of Alaska. Over 500000 ounces of gold has been produced from this district since it was discovered in Alaska in 1886.

The beauty of the drive ended abruptly as we entered Anchorage, a big, noisy city.  We stayed long enough to get groceries and then headed out of town.  We are currently camped on a small pull off area.  Cooks Inlet is right across the road.  The long days intrigue me—daylight until 11:00.

I see it is 3:30 at home.  Dan and I are fouled up with all the time changes.  It is 12:15 am as I write this.

Tomorrow, maybe salmon.

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  1. Beautiful. Be glad you are in Alaska where it's cool. Just left Kansas. It's a hot box there. Have fun. Sylvie