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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to Soldotna Centennial RV Park July 19

Monday night we camped right along the Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet.  There was a road and railroad track between us and the water, but still a nice view.  Tuesday morning we made our way toward Soldotna where Chip is camped.  At his advice, we first stopped by the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  We were able to view close up and personal brown bears, caribou, moose, buffalo—not as exciting as seeing them in the wild, but still interesting.  This is as close as I want to get to this bear part.


Then on to the Centennial RV park at Soldotna.  The first part of that drive is how I imagine Hawaii.  Vibrant green mountains, wildflowers and overlooks over flowing streams.  We are on the Seward Highway which is on the Peninsula so it is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer than inland. 

As we got closer to Soldotna, I told Dan that I could easily forget that we were in Alaska.  It was beginning to feel like Branson Missouri.  Lines of cars and RVs all headed one direction.  Once we reached the city, it was even more congested.  All of this is over salmon.  We see mostly Alaska tags, but many vacationers like us are also converging for the annual salmon run. 

Chip has been here for nearly a month.  He has filled his limit since the run began four or five days ago.  It didn’t take Dan long to catch this beauty.


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  1. WTG Dan!! I'm noticing all of the many river companies offering float, fishing, camping trips. Even a horse ranch that will take you by horse into the mountains. You are back in civilization. :)) What is the limit that you can catch? Also, will you try to bring it back with you or have it shipped home? Yes, I think that was close enough to a bear!! Carol