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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stone Mountain to Teslin Lake 412 miles July 16

Teslin Lake is only 133 miles south of Whitehorse—we’re getting there.  If everything goes as planned, we will be in Anchorage to pick up supplies in a little over  a day and a half. 

It’s hard to believe we fit everything in today and still made our destination.   It was a big day for wildlife.   We saw many buffalo, a black bear, grizzly bear, and this moose and her baby.

IMG_1231 Muncho Lake is a popular stopping place on the highway.  Planning the trip to include a stop there would be nice.  It is brilliant turquoise and fills  a wide valley with a backdrop of mountains in the distance.

Liard River Hotsprings, $5 per person, exceeded expectations. We changed into our suits in the camper then a short trek on a boardwalk took us to the 108 to 126 degree springs. The hot sulfur pool soaked away the road weariness.  The area around the springs supports more than 250 boreal forest plants,including 14 orchid species.  Signage warned of bears, but we did not see any. Thankfully, because flip flops and a swim suit is not bear watching attire.  After soaking until we were red, we ate our lunch and continued on down the road.



From the hot springs, Dan drove 65 to 70 mph.  We passed several tempting stops, short hikes to overlooks or waterfalls. However, the salmon are scheduled to run and we want to see them. 

Dan and I discussed how we would describe the Alaska Hwy. We decided in great spans of miles it is as good as any super two in the states.  At its worst, it is like old Hwy 40 or Hwy 4 in the Flint Hills.  At no time is it gravel.  However, we can see where it has been repaired and the excellent quality of the road may be the time of the summer we are traveling it. 

It is 12:15 pacific time as I write this.  It didn’t get what I would call dark until 10:45.  I am comfortable in a light jacket and I hear raindrops on the roof.  It rains most afternoons and sometimes nights. 


  1. Wonderful views and I can only imagine how hard it is not to stop and fish at every beautiful pool along the way. I was wondering about the bear, caribou and sheep which you just mentioned. Have been dipping down along the road in google to see some of the actual scenery. The roughedness of the mountains is amazing. That hot spring sounds wonderful!! Would love to share some of our heat with you. It was 111 Friday in Abilene, according to my car. Pretty nasty, and much of the same forecast for this next week.

    my internet friend Sharon who lives in Toronto has a son living in Jasper. They don't go there in the winter time,,,too cold she says.

    Loving tagging along,

    Hugs, Carol L.

  2. Lorinda (Deines) BattishillJuly 18, 2011 at 3:25 AM

    Interesting reading what the Alaska highway is like now and what my husband said it was in 1970 when he drove up there.
    Was all rock road than, they had heavy wire screen over the headlights and windshield as the trucks just went and you got nailed by every rock! Had to haul everything you would need including extra fuel.
    How times change. Thanks for letting me read along. Our son Lynn had been meeting up with grizzly bears on several occasions. One standing up on hind legs about 15ft away! Hadn't heard from him for 2 weeks and than that is the news we get.