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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday Farmers Market Day

I mentioned yesterday we were planning on getting up at 3:30 in order to be fishing by 4:00 am. Believe it or not, we were on the river at 4:15 am.  It was twilight at that time.  As I said before, the sun coming up over the river is beautiful.  We caught three salmon as well
When we were in Kenai watching the dip netting yesterday, we noticed there was a farmers market scheduled for the Kenai Welcome Center parking lot.  We were interested to see what fresh vegetables would be available. As it turns out, not many. There were some nice cabbages, though.   Even though the growing season is short, plenty of rain and long days is enough for cool weather vegetables.

The most impressive booth was the beautiful pieces of clothing made from locally trapped fur.  There were boots, hats, and scarves.  I did not take any pictures, but here is the web site for Howling Wolf Furs which tells the artist’s story and here is her order web site there are pictures of her creations.
In the end, all we purchased was a garlic scape pesto.   The vender explained that scape is the top of the garlic that is cut before it gets mature.  It is delicious
After reindeer brat for lunch, we did some wash.  Then late this afternoon, the fishing picked up again and Dan caught three more fish. 

I'm getting spoiled with Chip's cooking.  Tonight we had salmon rice pilaf.  He is exceptional with the seasoning bottles.

We are staying here at the Centennial campsite until Monday morning so I can replace my phone.

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