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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Soldotna to Homer Tuesday, July 26

The Centennial campground at Soldotna has an unusual system. Payment is by the day or week which is noted on a slip of paper. Then, you can move that slip of paper around as campsites open. That is how we were a part of Chip’s”hood” last night, at least his friends call it that. It was just a short walk down to the river where Dan caught two more salmon last night.

Before leaving Soldotna, we visited the Homestead Museum. Definitely it should be put on a “must see” list for any visit to the Kenai area. I say this because it is a well done example of the recent history of the state with furnished log cabins and early fishing boats. Our docent, Caroll, grew up in Soldotna, her parents settled there when land opened up, with preference for veterans, after World War II. Caroll is my age. She personally saw the peninsula grow from the very beginning. She was in the earthquake in the spring of 1964 and told of how it broke up the thick ice on the lake nearby nearly killing her brother.

I barely got away from there, though....

From Soldotna, we drove on down the peninsula toward Homer on the Seward Highway. Clam Gulch seemed a good place for lunch. The sign said, no cars on the beach unless 4-wheel drive. We’re that, so down we went right out on to the beach—and right down into the soft sand. After we backed out, with our 4-wheel drive, we decided maybe they didn’t mean with a heavy camper. We still had a beautiful view from the spot by the road while we ate our lunch. I looked for pretty rocks while Dan spied on an eagle and what might have her young one.

We are now sitting on the Homer Spit, parked on the beach looking out over the ocean. I am hoping the weather clears so I can get a picture of how beautiful this spot really is.

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  1. I beat ya down there. :)) I even found a neat place for lunch at Deep Creek, about 18 miles south of Clam Gulch, 2 miles south of Ninilchik.

    You mean you were on the beach and you didn't dig for clams? Or do you need a permit for that too? I looked at a resort near there. The cabin and lodge prices were reasonable compared to elsewhere, and they had different fishing trips you could take during the week, including flying to another area. Those were pretty expensive, but probably reasonable for all that they offer.

    You really need a little bear statue for the camper. Anxious to see your shots of the Spit area. It looks like most in google earth were taken either late fall or early spring with snow still around. Lots of shops and eateries. Can't wait to hear where you're headed next. :)) Oh, meant to ask how long is Dr. Chip staying up there? All summer? What a life. :)) csl