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Friday, August 12, 2011

Another August 11 entry

I was so excited to post about our arrival into the US that I forgot a couple interesting notes about southern Canada.

The area south of Calgary to the border is a prosperous Canadian farming area.  We saw this striking field of blue so turned down a gravel side road to visit with someone in a pickup parked down the way.  He was taking pictures as well and was knowledgable about the region.  He told us the lovely field stretched out before us is flax.  Of course, its seeds will be used is various healthy ways as the oil.  We were correct in assuming the yellow blooming fields are canola—and they call it that, not rape.  He also told us the region grows all types of wheat, spring, hard winter wheat and white wheat.   They were just beginning to harvest.  Crews were moving into the big fields.

Here is the flax field

IMG_2214 Also, somewhere after the casino camping spot, I took a picture of this railroad bridge.  I didn’t note where but it is so impressive that I’m putting it in here and hoping Carol can locate it for me:)



  1. arrrgh. giggle I should have read this post before jaunting around Montana, cause I did see that bridge somewhere. I'll find it. lol Did happen across your rattlesnake sign,,I would have moved on from there, and also the truck in Great Falls. Going to send that pic to my cousin who has Cowboy Dodge in Cheyenne. lol Twill wait for your next post to figure out where you are camped,,,I found the start of the Mo. River north of Three forks but not sure which hyw you took south-southeast. Lots of neat river canyons all around up there. I was beginning to wonder where the heck people buy gas as I was seeing no gas symbols. Then I thought,,,the coops usually have gas and found one, altho not noted as a gas stop. If I lived in northern Montana I'd sure have a pilots license. I'll bet that high school kids have no trouble finding jobs planting all of that wheat and other crops and realize they use allot of custom combining come harvest time. Fun finding the different crops. I'm beginning to dream about the travel dvd you WILL be putting together when you return to sell to we who are interested to put in the kitty for "our" next trip. tee hee off to find THE bridge. csl

  2. In backing up, I found two sites you passed, Ft. Macleod, AB, which has an admission fee with history about the Mounties. Never saw a Mountie with a huge fur coat before, nor noticed that their horses are branded with the Canadian Maple leaf. West of there is Head Smashed In Buffalo Jump, McLeod Alberta. Interesting history. Did you know that a buffalo at full speed is moving about 50KMph which is about 30 mph. The Indians would drive the herd at full speed over the cliffs to kill the buffalo. Found it...the high train tressel is on the west side of Lethbridge, AB. They also have a beautiful Japanese Garden there. I also see what you mean about the Mo.River between Great Falls and Helena. Will look and see what wickipedia says about the old Mo and it's origins. Toodles :)) csl