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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Delta Junction Alaska to Whitehorse Yukon Saturday August 6 418 miles

A long day of driving, but looking forward to tomorrow. We are taking a detour off the Alaska Hwy to Skagway. It will be a taste of the inside passage cities.

We have not hooked up to electricity since we left cousin Cindy's home in Montana. Our stay in Canada and Alaska has been totally dry camping meaning park and sleep mostly in State Parks. The camp sites with electrical hookups were not always in scenic locations and were more expensive (State parks were $12 average) The only challenge has been to keep all electronics charged and and make sure the propane is full. All worked out until this morning. The propane ran out just as the coffee was done perking (thank goodness, the coffee was done). Our backup worked, kept the refrigerator cold, and we made it to the exchange place here in Whitehorse in time.

I had a camp spot picked out on the south side of Whitehorse, but we need a few other supples and Walmart was closed. When we saw the parking lot here at Walmart, we decided to stay. There must be 25 campers. There is even someone tent camping.

After Skagway, we will be at least two days in Canada. I'll write each day and post when we get back into the States.

Even though I haven't replied to your comments, I have appreciated them so much.


  1. Well what more could you ask for, Walmart, gas, propane, starbucks and McDonalds all at one stop, and with a nice lake across the street. :)) I just traversed the road aways down toward Skagway and oh what a pretty drive. More like Colorado. At least not so many trees so that you can't see around you and side roads for the truckers if their brakes fail. Lots of railroad pictures along the route. Enjoy!1 csl

  2. Hope you take the ride on the railroad at Skagway that follows the gold miners trail to the summit. Great history info all along the ride. Thanks for all the great pictures! See you when you get home. Ron