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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Laramie Wyoming to Home Sunday, August 14 720 miles

I’ve received emails and calls wondering if we were home.  Sorry I haven’t posted as promised. 

Sunday evening, actually Monday morning,  we rolled in having traveled about 100 more miles than we should have.  We were just too close.  It was 1:00 am when we turned off the truck.  I think the only other times we gave it a rest were when we fueled up.

We finally unloaded the camper today.  It is clean and empty.  We accumulated more than I thought along the way.  I tried to keep the souvenirs to a minimum because of space, but had to get a few things.  Travel brochures ended up being the biggest collection.  There is so much information that I need to read over to make sure I know where each picture was taken.   

Tomorrow I plan to get the figures together and post.  What we’ve looked at so far is very interesting—at least we think so.  

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  1. Take your time Linda. You've got allot to catch up on,,,,mail,,,,email,,,,facebook... Just getting your body used to not being on the move each day. And after that last day's drive, ye god's....what 10 to 12 hrs at least. Not sure how fast you drive your rig. I like the new speed limit, but kind of doubt you'd do 80 with a load like that. I can only guess how many photos you took on the entire trip. :)) oh, would love to see interior shots of the camper too. Carol