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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Skagway to Forest Service Road on Cassier Hwy South August 8, 506 miles

The Cassier Hwy is an alternate route to the Alaska Hwy, following a more westerly route.  It would be hard to chose which is more beautiful.  Cassier follows one valley, river and mountain range after another.  The road conditions are about the same.  Definitely, anyone driving both ways to Alaska should take both.

It was along the Cassier that we spotted these swans that were close enough to get a good picture.  I have been intrigued with the beautiful birds.  They are common in Canada and Alaska, but difficult to get a good close picture.  So, I am posting two pictures of this graceful couple.



It was approaching 8:30 pm last night and we still hadn’t found just the right place to stop for the night.  I spotted a sign, “Forest Service Road.”  It was just a short distance down off the highway when we pulled in by a little pond, so quiet that it almost was spooky.  Here is the view out of our “bedroom” window. 

Tomorrow, the most southern tip of Alaska—Hyder.


  1. You found the train,,,great. But you didn't pan for gold. :(( lol Gorgeous scenery. Wondering if you found Camp Run A Muck on the north end of Hyder offering showers and laundry. Love the town sign - the friendliest ghost town in Alaska. Noticed a boardwalk about 3.5 miles northwest of town on Spring Creek where you might observe bears in the creek. I assume you took the glacier hwy in there. Gorgeous valleys. This is where some of the extreme snow pictures come from that we've seen in emails. You are going to miss all of these monster hills when you get home. I almost think I found your little pvt lake where you camped on the way to Hyder, Boya Lake? You realize I'm going to go thru trip withdrawal right along with you when you get back. :)) Loving every minute of it. csl

  2. whoops,,,,I guess you will be going to Hyder next. Maybe you'll see this post in the morning before you leave for Hyder. Got my time mixed up. :)) csl

  3. Linda...I haven't commented much but I have devoured and loved your every word and picture. It has been a wonderful journey for me, one I always wanted to take but never made. Thanks so much for your postings.