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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sea Otter in Seward Alaska Harbor

Check out this video on YouTube:


  1. Tell Dan he can smile when you shot him. lol After viewing your video, I found several on the same page of baby Otters that have been rescued. Oh my, they are sooo cute. I didn't realize that they were so furry. Twill have to read more about them. I think there is a link to the marine center...will check it out. Your drive here reminded me more of Colorado with the pines and the overcast mountains. Oh, I you see a cruise ship, watch for purple shirts. The KSU cruise is up there somewhere. I didn't check their schedule. 5:30 pm 109 degrees, so outside probably 113. Sigh. csl

  2. That should be "shoot him"... And "if you see a cruise ship"..... csl