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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Denali Highway Friday August 6

The highway from Anchorage to Denali National Park is called the Parks Highway.  It was built in 1972.  Before that time, visitors to what was then called Mt. McKinley National Park traveled on the Danali Highway.  It is 134 miles long.   Perhaps by design, the state of Alaska has chosen not to improve this road.  It is as it was when early travelers made the trip, requiring modern travelers to also move slowly.  And, this road should be taken slow.  It is unforgettable. 

There are valley vistas as far as the eye can see.  Small beaver ponds, lakes and clear streams all along the road.  Information tells us there are trout in most.  The valley floor is framed by mountains, green low, some snow and even a small glacier higher up. 

There are informal pull outs, but they were not needed as there was so little traffic.  I think we met or came up only four other small RVs and less than ten cars & trucks.  We often stopped right on the road. 

Here are a few pictures of the journey




We also saw a herd of caribou, eagles, swans, moose, sheep,a wolf and even little bunnies. 

As the day began to ebb and the beautiful Denali Park and Road was in our rear view mirror, I spent a little time feeling really down.  It was pretty quiet travel.  I always do this when I know the end of our trips is in sight.  Yes, we are headed south.  Currently, we are back on the Alaska Highway.  We will be tack in Tok tomorrow—a circle.  There will be a couple side trips.  Skagway and Prince Rupert but we will be continuing south.  I’m feeling better as I write this (11:00 pm Friday Alaska time).  We found a pull off along a bubbling stream which is always nice.  


  1. I sure hope today was clearer so that you were able to see Mt McKinley as you drove south. I finally found the Denali hwy. You wonder what the pioneers to the area thought and who they were. I jumped ahead and looked at Skagway and what a neat town. The visitors center is an interesting building that has to have quite a history. So are you going to pan for gold? :)) GE shows several cruise ships there. And an old saloon. Looks like a fun town. GE has alot of fall pictures all along the Denali hwy. If you go down thru Washington, my cousin Karen and her husband Larry have a home on Whidbey Island just south of Bellingham. They love it up there, especially when it's hot here. Our temps have finally dropped and will be in the 80's in another day or so. The home front finally got some good rain so fair week should be more bearable; but Arkansas, Ok. and Texas are still hurting badly and their temps are still high. Maybe if no one is around that bubbling stream where you are camped, you were able to catch your dinner. :)) csl

  2. Oh, GE shows a train on a side track in Skagway wih a huge snow plow on the front. Looks like it's in a park. csl