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Friday, August 5, 2011

Denali National Park – More beautiful than words to describe

We are leaving soon for a cut off across the range that might mean no internet tonight.  So, here are a few pictures that in no way can show how beautiful our trip was last night.  We did not see Mt. McKinley, but as the literature says, “It is there.”   No matter, because the park is pristine and grand.  We saw a bear eating a caribou carcass that two wolves had killed.  At least one was circling around the bear, the other held back.  Wildlife living without human interference. 

So, here are my three little pictures to tell a big story

The road:

IMG_1831 The wildlife:


The end:



  1. Have so enjoyed your pictures Linda. It was being there all over again for me. Pam

  2. Wow. A new business, maybe? "The Hanney Travel Guide". Or, by another title: "Can't make it to Alaska? Then live it through the Hanney Chronicle... the next best thing to being there!" Thanks Linda for your photos, stories, and the great virtual getaway to Alaska!
    -- the Haugs