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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yellowstone National Park Friday, August 12

There is nothing like Yellowstone.  Looking up are mountains both rugged and pine-covered.  Amazingly pine covered after the 1988 fire destroyed so many.  Looking down, most of the time, are streams slowly meandering in meadows and against the foothills.  Then, every so often are hot pools that smell like a high school chemistry class.


  Or bubbling pools that look like chicken gravy cooking.


  Or this beautiful Old Faithful.


We arrived at Yellowstone from just south of Helena around 1:30pm.  We camped in the Lewis Lake campground which is at the very end of the park last night.  Needless to say, we did not see or do everything available in Yellowstone.  For one thing, it is still the tourist season and we are not fond of crowds.  But we enjoyed the visit, put our feet in a stream, walked the boardwalk to see the Paint Pots and waited 45 minutes on Old Faithful.  There were license plates from all over the US and heard foreign languages.  This is America’s Park.  And, very kid friendly, so lots of young families.  A fun, short visit.

Tomorrow, Tetons and definitely homeward bound.


  1. Looking closely at the old faithful compound, it appears that the cabins we stayed in are gone. They've really expanded the entire area. Good to see that they are thriving. csl

  2. Just had a thought. If you somehow end up going thru Estes Park, you should stop and see Roger and Verlene. Their office is very easy to find, on the east side of town catty-corner from the park. More big boys ahead. I know it will be good to get home, but oh we're all gona miss all of these magnificent peaks and clear streams and lakes. Guess I could just go back and reread your whole trip. :)) csl

  3. Linda from Erie PAAugust 26, 2011 at 9:19 PM

    Was just there last year and the year before. I can't get enough of Yellowstone. I'll catch up on your other posts when I get on my home computer. We are heading to Mt Rainier in a couple of weeks. Road Trip!