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Friday, August 12, 2011

Back in the Good Ole’ USA Thursday, August 11 491 miles

We crossed the border around 1:00 today.  There is a big flag up on a hill in the town of Sweetgrass.  I am sure I’m not the only traveler who got a lump in the throat when it comes into view.  Not that Canadians aren’t the nicest people, who are proud of their country and show it in how they take care of it.  But, there are some things that are just America. 

This sign was at the first rest stop we came to….   We’re home.


No signage in Canada made me laugh like this one in Great Falls. 


Speaking of Great Falls, we spent more time there today than intended. 

First, I will say we’ve been extremely fortunate not to have any mechanical failures.  We still haven’t.  What we did find this morning was a cut on the sidewall of one of our back tires.  It didn’t look too serious, so we headed for Great Falls because we knew they had a Walmart to fulfill our road hazard  policy. 

No problem with getting a new tire, but we had to wait at least two hours to get it mounted.  There was only one man working, and he was very nice, but he was struggling with being behind.  We were finally back on the road by 8:30 pm.  We decided to drive a bit & stay at a rest stop.  We are at a rest stop just beyond Helena as I write.  We probably should have just stayed in the Walmart parking lot because we drove by some pretty scenery in the dark.  The Missouri River runs through a canyon south of Great Falls. The big moon did help, though. 

Tomorrow, hopefully Yellowstone.

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  1. Welcome home. I have enjoyed reading all your posts. This has been a great trip for you. By the way, I hadn't seen our eagle for a couple of weeks until this morning as I was getting ready to head down to Wild Horse Island with a friend. He was sitting on his usual branch looking as proud as he does. It reminded me of the morning you took his photograph Have safe travels back to Kansas. Cindy