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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Somewhere between Banff and Calgary August 10 578 miles

For those who are wondering, the train didn’t turn out to be a factor last night.  Either that or I went to sleep and heard nothing. 

We got an early start this morning and moved right along all day.  As it turns out, the closest route was for us to go back down through the Columbian Ice Fields.  It was good to see it going the other direction.  Actually, I would recommend traveling north to south.  Until it started raining, the colors were vibrant.  Everyone should see this park. 

We were going to stay at Lake Louise again, but the campground was full so on to a Provincial Park we saw on the map outside of Banff.  Also full.  So, we are parked in a casino parking lot.  Works for us. 

We will be through Canada by noon tomorrow.  I will then have internet (Autonet if you want to Google it).  and phone service back.  We are going to Yellowstone on the way home.  Very excited about the stop.

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  1. Actually, the vistas from your Casino stop looked darned amazing and you aren't hemmed in by trees and can see it. Very interesting about the Jade place. I'd never thought about where it comes from. Have to check out their website. Heck I wonder what people do for a living every time I used to travel through southern Mo. and sometimes in Ks too, in the smaller bergs. So glad you found the bear stop in Hyder. What a treat. Is Dan getting tired and ready to get home? Kind of reminds me of Mom and Dad. She had to really ply him out of his easy chair to go on vacations, but then once he was on the road he got into it, but the longest US vac was about 3 wks, and 5-6 weeks in Europe and Scandinavia. Then he was ready to go home. Mom and Dad did a bus trip to Calgary, Banff, Lake Louise, and Vancouver seeing the Bouchard Gardens. Oh to have a garden like that!! We were in Yellowstone in '57 and ran into our neighbors with their grandkids. Neither of us knew the others were going to be there. We stayed in the main camp in a cabin and had the experience of bears getting into the outside garbage cans. Everyone was out taking pictures. :)) More gun ahead... csl