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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grand Teton National Park on to Laramie Saturday, August 13 465 miles

What a grand surprise this morning.  It wasn’t 10 miles from our campground that we saw one of my favorite sights--


And the sights just got better, which is good after a late start.  From the beginning of this trip, we I decided to use the camper as intended, including real dishes, not paper, and showering right here in the camper.  I strongly felt living normally would help make us feel this little space is our home.  I believe it worked.  Except…we do not have a water monitor built in and have to visually check the water level.  Which we did a good job of until late last night.  So, before we could start our day, we had to find potable water to get us home.  Our habit of “camping light” makes it necessary to “ask local” which nearly always results in friendly helpfulness but a little extra time.

Anyway, back to the “Grand” Tetons.  I’ll have to be honest, we did see many similar vistas in Alaska.  But there is something about Jenny Lake right there by those huge mountains that is still majestic.  There are Trumpeter Swans that make their home there and we found them.  Unfortunately, my picture did not turn out.  However, while we were down a side road trying to get a swan picture, Dan spotted this


If he would have had his leather gloves, he would have pulled the musk thistle out.  Probably most would think he was pulling the beautiful wildflowers rather than the noxious, invasive weed it is.

This is the classic view of the mountains.  People were waiting in line for this position.


We’re sitting in the parking lot of Walmart in Laramie, Wyoming.  I think we’ll rock to sleep tonight with the wind, but we’re not complaining because the price is right. About eight other RVs here agree. 

Just outside of Rawlins, Wyoming we headed into this  view.  It struck me at the time that all our family and friends, wherever they live, are seeing the same full moon and appreciating the Man’s big bright face.  Sometimes that’s the best scenery—something that everyone can see for themselves and enjoy.


  I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for stopping by to check up on our trip.  We’ll be home late tomorrow night, we’re too close to stop again.  It will take a day or so to total everything up so check back in then for average fuel mpg, total miles driven, and, yes, I’ll share how much this all cost. 

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  1. 5 a.m. You are going to have a hard days drive. But tonight,,,,your own bed!!! :)) Safe travel. csl