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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Alaskans love their coffee

Maybe it's the long, dark winters or probably more likely the long light summers, but Alaskans love their coffee.  In the larger towns, and even more in small towns, there are coffee kiosks, sometimes one each block.  Generally, they are small, very small, buildings sitting in a parking lot or just along the street.

I started taking pictures, but Dan certainly was not going to stop at each.  So, we wrote down a few names:  Sugar Shack, Top Dog Expresso, Bikini Girls Expresso (he was ready to stop at that one), The Hot Spot, Jungle Juice, Let Freedom Ring, Hooked on the Bean and Java Junction.  And, of course, the Lovn' Oven Bakery and Expresso where we purchased our breakfast.

I bought some freshly ground coffee at a farmer's market in Anchorage.  We enjoyed strong, dark Alaskan coffee all the way home.

Here are two that were so unique that Dan actually turned around so I could get a picture.

The popular place in Soldotna

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