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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hi to those who might have clicked over here from the sunflower in Backroads or followed the link I emailed you.  In a few days, I’ll announce I am taking a vacation from blogging.  But, you now know the secret.  We are actually taking a vacation—to Alaska!  Driving.  In a pickup camper.  Crazy, maybe.  But a life-long dream.  I’ll be writing about the trip.

I am keeping this blog private, so if you would like to follow our trip, you can use the little secret link in my Backroads Blog or save the blog address - – in your favorites.   Dan feels, and he is right, that we should be discreet since we’re leaving for so long.  

I invite you to comment if you like, especially any news you think we might like to know.  Also, I will be checking my email at

Today we took the back seat out of the truck.  Totally unbelievable how much room is back there now.  There will be room for several large light weight plastic containers for extra clothes, fishing gear, etc.  Just about have the bicycle rack completed so should have a picture in a few days.

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  1. You've got me excited about this new adventure. Dying to see picture of "the bikes". :))
    I'll use my initials after this posting as I haven't figured out how to get around the anonymous entry. Carol L. (csl)